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Our 10 Presentation Commandments

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This blog post below is adapted and expanded upon based on a section titled The Big Fish Presentations Commandments from The Big Fish Experience: Create Memorable Presentations That Reel In Your Audience.

Throughout our time at Big Fish, we’ve regularly shared pieces of advice that applies to all presentations. That being said, we thought we’d share our ten most useful tips in the form of “commandments.”

The 10 Big Fish presentation commandments:

  1. Present what’s in it for the world, not yourself.
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The Big Fish Experience presented at Talks@Google

In March, Kenny and Gus had the honor of speaking about Big Fish Presentations’ new book The Big Fish Experience at Google NYC. Google finally released the video to the public, and our team would like to share it with you.

[If you can’t see the above video, please follow the link here.]


Warning! Spoilers of key points mentioned throughout the video:

  • Engaging Content + Simplistic Design + Powerful Delivery = Presentation Experience
  • Great presentation content requires structure, a call to action, and a big idea.
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How to Use Instagram Direct to Reach Your Fans

Last week Instagram came out with a new update that allows users to send photos and videos directly to other users. This new feature is called Instagram Direct.

The Big Fish team, always experimenting with new technology, decided to celebrate this feature and send personalized videos to anyone that “liked” or commented our latest video post.

The response ended up being great.

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Big Fish Presents Our First Ebook…

The Building of Stories begins with the history of storytelling and ends by helping you build your own story. From where to begin to crafting the perfect ending, we give you all the crucial details and tools you need to tell your next story and hopefully, your next presentation! Everyone has a story. Let us help you make it one people want to hear.… Continue Reading →

Creative thinker? Music lover? We have just the contest for you!

Album Cover Contest_proof


  • All submissions due April 12th
  • The following three (3) terms MUST be incorporated into your design:
    • Big Fish Logo
    • The Big Fish Tagline “Turning Presentations into Experiences”
  • Dimensions for album cover: 4.724” x 4.724” (optimized for printing)
  • Entries must be submitted in JPG format
  • Only copyright free material, images and photographs may be used. No artwork may be returned to the artist(s) once submitted.
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Big Fish Goes to TEDxLSU

Two weeks ago Louisiana State University hosted their first TEDx event, Big Fish Presentations is proud to say that two of our employees, Kristen Hinton and Kenny Nguyen, are now official TEDx speakers! We interviewed both of them to get the deetes on the event and their speeches.

Kristen Hinton spoke on behalf of a team of 8 students called Create Lab.… Continue Reading →

Letter from the CEO


This weekend has been an extraordinary one. Besides winning our first ADDY for our client work on Easy Living [link:] at the 2013 Baton Rouge ADDY Awards, Big Fish Presentations was recognized as one of the top 50 student entrepreneurial ventures in the world by the Kairos Society [link:] at the New York Stock Exchange.

For the record, the Kairos Society is a not-for-profit foundation that hosts events to connects students all over the world with innovative leaders of some of the world’s biggest companies [list of past mentors here:].… Continue Reading →

Mardi Gras Explained

New Orleans Celebrates Mardi Gras

What many natives of Louisiana consider the best time of the year is now upon us: Mardi Gras weekend. Big Fish decided to breakdown what exactly Mardi Gras is for all our non-Louisiana residents.

Mardi Gras is translated into Fat Tuesday. It’s the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, when the Lenten season begins. Basically, people use this time to indulge in some of their favorite items that they might be giving up for Lent.… Continue Reading →

The RED Scarlet

RED Digital Cinema cameras came onto the scene back in 1999 and changed the way Hollywood produces cinematography. RED cameras produce high quality digital images that far exceed any of their competitors. And after our recent investment, Big Fish Presentations made the move to RED Digital Cinema. For selected productions, the RED Scarlet-X will be used for creating incredible footage for our client videos.… Continue Reading →

Presentation Review: From Pop-up Books to iPads

Since the dawn of time, the basis of storytelling has not changed, but the novel way that these stories are told is changing every day.

In this TED talk, Joe Sabia depicts how presentations have changed, from the first cave drawings to Facebook pages. With help from his iPad, he engages the audience in a narrative about the man who changed storytelling forever, Lothar Meggendorfer; the creator of the pop-up book.… Continue Reading →

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