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Send Big Fish to Austin

SXSW is one of the most innovative festivals around. With a mix of music, film, social media, business and technology, SXSW takes innovation to another level. Naturally, Big Fish has got to go! Our CEO Kenny Nguyen is in the run to be an interactive speaker. All we ask of you is to sign up and vote!

Follow the steps bellow:

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5 Ways to Step Up Your Presentation Game

We have all been through it. The horror of listening to a 145-slide presentation, stuck on full screen, with literally no indication when the last slide will come. You ask yourself, “Is there no light to the end of the tunnel?” Most likely, not anytime soon. But most often, it is not the presentation that is off-key, but the presenter.

The visual aid is only an extension of the presenter.… Continue Reading →

5 Things You Need to Know About “Death by PowerPoint”

The common PowerPoint presentation—how often we’ve sat in a crowded classroom or a stuffy library as we lose brain cells by the slide and we struggle to keep our eyelids open. I’m sure medical labs across the country are testing PowerPoint as an effective use in curing insomnia. But in all sincerity, the term “Death by PowerPoint” is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly.… Continue Reading →

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