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Apple Keynote: Five Things You Need to Know

On Tuesday, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, unveiled many new changes to the Apple product that will be available September 18. Big Fish decided to break down the keynote and give you the five things you need to know about the new iPhones.

 1. iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S


Instead of introducing one new phone update, like Apple has in the past with the 4S and 3GS, they decided to release two new phones and completely replace the iPhone5.… Continue Reading →

4 Ways Design Can Make Your Content Shine


At BFP, we believe that great content must be accompanied by great design in order to deliver an all-around memorable experience. Our motto is, “Content is King, and Design is its Queen.” Below are some examples of before & after slides that deliver powerful content in two different ways. We’ve done this to show that design can allow the audience to better experience content when they’re ingesting material with clean design.… Continue Reading →

5 TED Talks That Will Blow Your Mind


In a follow up to our previous TEDxLSU post, we took another look at the popular TED Talks series. In this post we’ll show you 5 TED Talks that we think will “blow your mind!” The TED Talks series is such a good example for demonstrating the power of presentation. Each one of the speakers in these 5 videos does a great job of using some of the presentation tips that we’ve mentioned in previous posts, as well as others, to make their presentations worth remembering.… Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Close a Presentation


Update 11/14/2013: Check out our newest slideshare for a visual representation of this blog post!


So the hard part is over. It was smooth sailing throughout your entire presentation. The audience laughed at your jokes, they stayed attentive, and they even responded to your questions. Your speech is coming to an end, and you need the perfect way to leave your audience thinking.… Continue Reading →

Our Very First TED Talk

In March, Big Fish had the pleasure of filming several amazing local speakers for the TEDxLSU event. One presenter we are particularly proud of is our CEO, Kenny Nguyen. His powerful speech about ‘The Art of Saying No’ recaps Kenny’s journey to starting Big Fish Presentations and molding it into the company it is today. The Big Fish Team is honored to have such a talented and innovative guy as the leader of our company.… Continue Reading →

What have the Romans done for us?

Well, apart from the aqueduct, the roads and the sanitation, John Cleese and his fellow conspirators in Monty Python’s “The Life of Brian” forgot to mention just one more vital little thing.

The Romans and the Greeks gifted us with our public speaking techniques.

Those techniques are still in use today. Although seldom recognized, they remain the blueprint against which media messages, films and all great presentations are constructed.… Continue Reading →

The Way to Sway: 5 Steps to Developing Charisma in Presentations

Being charismatic is a strange art. It’s a blend of passion and confidence that can be extremely powerful in many different ways. With strong charisma comes drastic change. A charismatic person can spark movements, break boundaries and alter the lives of the masses. Few have outstanding charisma, but it is within reach for each and every one of us.

Politicians, preachers and actors have the best charisma.… Continue Reading →

Gestures: Let your hands do the talking

Have you ever tried talking without using your hands?

Try it. It’s more difficult than you think.

It’s only natural to use your hands when you want to make a point that you’re passionate about. When you are trying to explain something, attempting to translate the thought into words, the only logical vehicle by which to express your point is through your hands.… Continue Reading →

The WOW Factor: How to Stand Out As A Speaker

You’ve been in that terrible position.  That dull, mind-numbing state of being that we call the boring presentation.

Lemme guess.  It’s in a dark room.  There’s a projector showing a handful of abysmal graphs and an endless list of bullet points.  These things are bad, but the worst part is that your speaker is droning in a monotone fashion.  It’s a show we’ve all seen many times before, and yet nothing changes.  … Continue Reading →

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