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5 TED Talks That Will Blow Your Mind


In a follow up to our previous TEDxLSU post, we took another look at the popular TED Talks series. In this post we’ll show you 5 TED Talks that we think will “blow your mind!” The TED Talks series is such a good example for demonstrating the power of presentation. Each one of the speakers in these 5 videos does a great job of using some of the presentation tips that we’ve mentioned in previous posts, as well as others, to make their presentations worth remembering.… Continue Reading →

Our Very First TED Talk

In March, Big Fish had the pleasure of filming several amazing local speakers for the TEDxLSU event. One presenter we are particularly proud of is our CEO, Kenny Nguyen. His powerful speech about ‘The Art of Saying No’ recaps Kenny’s journey to starting Big Fish Presentations and molding it into the company it is today. The Big Fish Team is honored to have such a talented and innovative guy as the leader of our company.… Continue Reading →

Intern Video 4: New Office Might be Haunted

So good news is that we recently moved into a new office facility to better support our growing team and video production needs…bad news is that it might be haunted by an ex-intern. See below if you’re a non-believer:

We don’t know what’s creepier, the haunting or the sound at the end.


 Note: If you have time to kill and love the comedy series The Office, we suggest you go to the “Videos” tab of this blog and catch up  on our popular video series, “Luke the Intern.”

You won’t be sorry.… Continue Reading →

Dead Wrong Trailer (2012)

Kenny here. So there’s a common saying to hire great + smart talent and just let them run free. Well, I did that and some of the guys came up with a “The Office-like” video series called “Luke the Intern.” It’s basically an extremely exaggerated version of what happens to interns in the workplace.

Extremely exaggerated.

If you haven’t seen the other videos, please check out our youtube page here or check out the videos tab on this page.… Continue Reading →