Arrow Systems Integration: A Powerful Tech Company Revamps Their Presentation Style

CLIENT Arrow Systems Integration

SCOPE Presentation Design

Arrow Systems Integration (now acquired by ConvergeOne) was a systems integration technology company. As the global brand of Arrow flourished, the creative services team wanted to ensure that all sales materials portrayed Arrow’s story and the Systems Integrations team through an engaging approach.


With a new set of branding materials, Arrow SI wanted to completely rewrite their sales presentation materials and redesign the look and feel more aligned with the global redesign. They requested for an agency with experience in developing technical, impactful presentations.


We worked closely with the Arrow SI marketing/creative group along with an outside content consultant to create the presentation. Our team consisting of a strategist, designer, and an animator, took the brief and designed a full sales presentation ready for the partnership/sales team to deploy. We opened the presentation experience with a visual/auditory jolt as we introduced the brand through short animated video that was also used in other mediums.

Full Project Overview
Presentation Intro Motion Graphic

An animated experience that doesn’t feel like a traditional powerpoint.

Intro Motion Graphic

Our design and animation team created a powerful opening video with a full audio experience to kickoff the sales presentation.

Film Elements

Instead of just stock photography, we included elements of live film and background videos to add motion and provide a more engaging presentation experience.

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