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We help you present yourself and your ideas in ways people will remember.
How? By combining design, copy, and presentation training to present your brand.

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Your guide to giving the presentations you’ve always wanted to deliver.

  • “Simple, memorable, and story-filled, this book will make you feel like the Big Fish Presentations team is right by your side, coaching you for your big moment—from crafting the winning pitch to engaging your audience to sharing ideas that will change the world.”

    Peter Arvai

    CEO and Co-founder of Prezi

  • This book will help you craft, visualize, and deliver your big ideas by honing the most powerful presentation tool in your communication arsenal—you.

    Josh Linkner

    Founder and former CEO of ePrize

  • The power of a great story is the key to a powerful presentation. The Big Fish Experience will help turn any presenter into a full-fledged storyteller.

    Jeff Hoffman

    Co-founder of Priceline.com and ColorJar

About Us

This is why we love our job.

From beginning to end, we help you present something that has meaning and emotion. Something that has impact. Something that inspires.


We believe great presentations come from great stories, and great stories create even better experiences.

The Founders

Big Fish Leadership


Kenny Nguyen

Founder & CEO

Kenny builds partnerships with powerful brands and shares his entrepreneurial tips with the community through outlets like TEDx, Forbes and Huffington Post. He co-founded Big Fish Presentations after hearing the “worst presentation he had ever seen” and now leads ThreeSixtyEight in its mission to help brands rediscover their creative confidence.

Gus Murillo

Founder & COO

Gus co-founded Big Fish Presentations and now oversees finances and operations at ThreeSixtyEight. Gus has the experience and understanding to take complex creative projects from concept to completion. He's led teams in partnership with brands like NASA, Raising Cane’s and CenturyLink to execute on large-scale digital and creative projects.

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