Beth Comstock: A Powerful Change Agent Ready to Tell Her Story

CLIENT BETH COMSTOCK – Speaker / Author / Marketer


Beth Comstock endured a major change in her life. She retired from her job as CMO of General Electric. After being at the company for 17 years championing innovation, change, and unique marketing efforts—her world changed drastically. As a powerful business leader and newly anointed author, there was a story that needed to be told, and our agency worked with her to tell that story.


Beth spent an incredible amount of time refining her narrative and crafting her book, Imagine it Forward (available for pre-order here). With her resume and upcoming book release, Beth wanted to find a partner that could help her depict her story through a series of events. She desired a speech as impactful as her book.


The partners of the agency, Kenny Nguyen and Gus Murillo, worked directly with Beth in many in-person and online sessions to tailor her story. Our process started not with slides or design, but with the key components of any presentation–the thesis of the talk, and why people would want to listen to her story. After helping Beth refine her thesis, we moved to slide structure, and finally, her actual presentation visuals. The output was a passion-filled presentation used to engage audiences across the country.

Full Project Overview

We designed with the intention to provoke audience curiosity.


Beth had the core of the story, but needed a way to make it impactful with strong takeaways for the audience. By working directly with her, we helped identify the best content flow and designed visuals that complemented each point.


In order to gain and maintain viewers interest, we incorporated live film in place of overused stock photography that many people had come to expect in a presentations. This distinct approach gave life to Beth’s words. Breaking away from the routine norms in her presentation strengthened her overall message.

  • Using her personal brand as inspiration, we chose color palettes, typography, and layouts that would work seamlessly with her current visuals.
  • We also used her existing messaging as a baseline to ensure the presentation content had the right tone, voice, and style.
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