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Quantcast is leading the industry in AI-driven real-time advertising, audience insights & measurement. Our focus was to equip the marketing team at Quantcast with quality presentation creative across experiential and sales.


Quantcast’s audience spans brands, agencies, and publishers. From a presentation perspective, their touchpoints were focused around events and sales. From an experiential perspective, Quantcast has two annual conferences they created to engage their prospects – Eclipse and Supernova. These events were created to facilitate a conversation and educate those in the digital advertising industry. Quantcast wanted to provide the best presentation experiences possible for these audiences.

From a sales perspective, they have a team of X amount of sales and partnership team members across the world presenting Quantcast. We worked to create presentation resources that tell a good story as well as represents Quantcast’s brand design.


For the major events, we partnered with their marketing group to create a series of highly engaging presentations specifically for the executives. Working hand and hand with the team, we would take the creative from rough sketches on a whiteboard or paper to fully realized animations and illustrations. We captured the highly complicated subjects and created beautiful visuals that were easily understandable.

Working with the marketing team on behalf of the sales team, we assisted in the content development and design of the sales narrative. We worked directly with the newly appointed CMO, Steven Wolfe Pereira, to tell the company’s new narrative in a concise and memorable presentation.

Full Project Overview
Transitioning with the brand

A partner with the creative services team, we worked through the life journey of the brand as it progressed. We transitioned our creative to ensure consistency from their digital presence all the way down to live presentations that our team was tasked with creating.

Creativity through animation

Working with the executives for Supernoval and Eclipse, our animation team developed presentations that were almost fully built outside of traditional presentation tools. Our goal for theses keynotes was to ensure that each slide felt cinematic.


Completing 30+ individual presentation projects in 2017, our goal was to change the presentation culture at Quantcast by raising the bar on the way teams visually present on stage and in the pitch room.

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