Valent Biosciences: Moving forward the Art and Science of Public Health



Valent Biosciences is an international public health company that focuses on providing environmentally friendly pesticides for the world. With a great story to tell, we worked with them to create and design a presentation that speaks to the Art and Science of Public Health.


The global marketing group developed the tagline, “The Art and Science of Public Health.” While they produced amazing creative in print and experiential, the presentation and story weren’t positioned to make an impact on stage. Because public health is more than just science and numbers, the presentation needed to describe why public health campaigns are vital to protecting life around the world. Every campaigns has to inform the public of critical issues in a way that will cause people to take action and institute new practices to affect behavior. Just as Valent uses science to determine best practices, they also depend on the art of persuasion to cause wide-scale acceptance of those practices. They needed a presentation to show how they work to keep the world healthy.


We worked with their global marketing team to craft a beautiful presentation that would tell the story of Valent’s product history and focus on the public health of the world. Working with the team, we helped craft a story that would intrigue viewers and executed creative that presented a different side of public health. With a team of designers/animators, we created a fully-animated presentation that leaders within the organization can easily use to present company focuses.

Full Project Overview
Illustrative Design
  • Using inspiration from their award-winning print material, we created a presentation that used water-colored elements to bring the story to life and show the creative side of public health.
  • This flowy, beautiful watercolor theme was more than an aesthetic decision. Valent’s campaign touted both the science and art needed to alert and persuade on a global scale. Pairing the analytical data with soft visuals allowed viewers not to feel overwhelmed while learning more about Valent’s processes.
Seamless Transitions

Our design and animation team worked together to ensure that the slides transitioned in a cinematic way throughout the presentation experience. We wanted the audience to think they were sitting through an animated film, rather than just a presentation.

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