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5 Valuable and Highly Effective Prezi Tips

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There’s a shift occurring in the presentation world.

It’s been happening slowly, but is picking up pace as people are beginning to “get” how important presentations really are to your business, organization or brand.… Continue Reading →

Simplifying Content in Your Presentations

You’ve seen it.

We’ve all seen it.

The cluttered presentation, packed tight with small text and bullet points.  You’re squinting to read while simultaneously trying to listen to the speaker.

Don’t worry.  We’ve all been there.

Whether it’s intended for business, education or entertainment, a presentation can be your worst nightmare when poorly executed.

If you’re a presenter, you feel heavily burdened.… Continue Reading →

5 Tips for Good Body Language

You walk on stage.

You begin your presentation.

It’s going great.  You’re hitting every point clearly and concisely, just the way you planned.

But something isn’t right.

Your audience isn’t responding well.

Your slides are eloquent, your message is interesting, but there’s something missing.

What is it?

Ever think it might be your body language?

Albert H Mehrabian, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at UCLA, is best known for his expertise on human communication, specifically the 7%-38%-55% rule, which says:
Words account for only 7%

Tone of voice accounts for 38%

Body language accounts for 55%

As the figures above indicate, the subtle art of body language is absolutely crucial in the field of communication, but especially in presentations.… Continue Reading →

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