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5 Key Principles of Using Photography in Presentations

A picture is worth a thousand words. But what does that mean? Images are powerful and emotional. One image can tell an entire story. Images stir curiosity and engage an audience that wants to be entertained. In a presentation, images create an experience and leave a reference visual for your audience to remember in the future. Using photography in presentations can be tricky if it isn’t used correctly.… Continue Reading →

Big Fish Employee Spotlight: Production Director Phil Roberts

Clients frequently request video production or motion graphics to implement into presentations.


          It’s because people are tired of boring, predictable PowerPoint slides. Adding video or animation serves as the visual eye candy that gives the audience a break from stale text. Learning the software and producing visuals is a strenuous and time-consuming task. It’s a task Phil Roberts, Head of Production, has mastered.… Continue Reading →

TED Talk Review: How I Beat Stage Fright

What’s your biggest fear?

Think about it. Now think about standing on a stage, in front of 500 people, about to pitch an idea you’ve been working on for the last month.

What’s scarier?

When situations like this happen – public speaking – there’s two things that can happen: You place those 500 people in a state of awe, or you place yourself in a frozen state of fear.… Continue Reading →

C.O.U.R.A.G.E: The Essential Guide to Building Charisma


Excerpt from Kenny Nguyen’s blog

For the last three years, I’ve had many opportunities to speak nationwide about public speaking on behalf of my company Big Fish Presentations. However, while speaking alongside numerous great communicators, I’ve only seen a few that possess that certain “it” factor. That spark, fire, and swagger that makes them easily more likable and trustworthy than any other person in the room.… Continue Reading →

Don’t Panic! Here’s Your Presentation Emergency Cheat Sheet

Life happens: deadlines are pushed, meetings pop up and, sometimes, you have to be ready to present at any given time. You could be given a lot of time to prepare or no time. Your boss could drop a surprise presentation on you, and it’s your job to be able to handle it. For many people, presenting on the spot can be the biggest challenge when it doesn’t have to be.… Continue Reading →

Letter From the CEO: Ditch the Resolution and Find Happiness

How many people do you think are committing themselves to a New Year’s resolutions?

I personally don’t believe in resolutions, because through my own experiences I’ve realized one thing:

Resolutions don’t work for everyone.

To me, they’re just psychological “commitment devices” that force you to punish yourself and feel bad for not achieving a goal. Resolutions ultimately make you feel out of control and stressed.… Continue Reading →

How to Use Instagram Direct to Reach Your Fans

Last week Instagram came out with a new update that allows users to send photos and videos directly to other users. This new feature is called Instagram Direct.

The Big Fish team, always experimenting with new technology, decided to celebrate this feature and send personalized videos to anyone that “liked” or commented our latest video post.

The response ended up being great.

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7 Deadly Fears of Public Speaking

74% of Americans have fears and anxiety towards public speaking. According to Forbes Magazine, the number one fear for the average person is public speaking. The second fear is death. This means that most people would rather die than give a speech in front of a crowd. So what is it that makes us so afraid? We narrowed it down to seven fears that can get in the way of a great speech.… Continue Reading →

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