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Prezi’s Top 100

Here at Big Fish we pride ourselves on our presentation prowess. However, we don’t really like to boast about it that much. If you haven’t noticed, a lot of our blogs are mostly tips: top 10s, 7s, anything really.


Well, our goal from day one has been to rid the world of bad presentations. And, honestly, you don’t accomplish this by hogging knowledge.… Continue Reading →

The Top 7 Rookie Mistakes Of Public Speaking.

They say there’s no point where you should stop learning. Here at Big Fish, we have to continually be open to different ideas, approaches and the far-off unknown. In this, we’ve always wanted to have a guest post for our blog. Unfortunately, we never really followed through on having a guest blogger… That is, until we met Sarah:


The following post is a guest post from Sarah Bedrick.Continue Reading →

Casual Fridays: Phil and The Third & The Seventh.

We realize that we post a lot of tips on presentations and presenting in general. We also realize this is the part of our blog valued most by our audience, by people like you. However, what we say in this blog is a direct reflection of who we are, and that’s something we don’t post a lot of.

This is Big Fish’s blog, but Big Fish is just a group of people and their passions.… Continue Reading →