The Future According to Big Fish


We are not psychic or telepathic. We typically don’t even know what we will be eating for lunch. However, our lack of sixth sense does not inhibit Big Fish employees from looking forward. After all, we are innovators, big thinkers, risk takers and goof balls. And as time pushes forward and the 2012 calendar is thrown in the trash, Big Fish can’t help but think of what is to come. Therefore, we have developed a ridiculous list of predictions that we believe will occur over the 10 years. Brace yourself. The future (as we see it) is scary.

  1. Transportation
    • There will be hovercrafts or hover-boards like in Back to the Future 
    • Where are the jet packs? Have we not been waiting for these since the 90s?
    • Electric cars will finally be mainstream.
    • We’d like to see some holographic screens like the one in Avatar.
    • Replacement of oil with a new undiscovered resource that competes with both energy and oil.
  2. Technology
    • We will see paper-thin screens on devices.
    • All mobile devices as we know it will be gone and substituted with a device that is seamlessly attached to our body or wardrobe.
    • CDs will be obsolete. The Cloud will be everything.
    • Universal Wi-fi (fingers crossed).
    • Apple will no longer be considered the most innovative company, and their products will no longer be as popular.
  3. Social
    • We will finally have a female president.
    • Gay marriage will be legal in every state.
    • Decriminalization of weed across the nation.
    • A slight decrease in industrial jobs will occur.
    • Education and entertainment will be virtually free.
    • Physical forms of media will become obsolete.

There you have it, ladies and gents, the future. Let us know what you think will be different in 10 years by leaving a comment below.



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