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This weekend has been an extraordinary one. Besides winning our first ADDY for our client work on Easy Living [link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0310N35SxI] at the 2013 Baton Rouge ADDY Awards, Big Fish Presentations was recognized as one of the top 50 student entrepreneurial ventures in the world by the Kairos Society [link:http://www.kairossociety.org/] at the New York Stock Exchange.

For the record, the Kairos Society is a not-for-profit foundation that hosts events to connects students all over the world with innovative leaders of some of the world’s biggest companies [list of past mentors here: http://www.kairossociety.org/mentors.php]. This conference was meant to inspire entrepreneurship and provide attendees new ideas to take back with them across the globe and “push the world forward” by implementing those ideas in their ventures.

This was a very humbling experience for Big Fish. This conference gave us the opportunity to not only present to giant companies like Priceline, Autodesk, GE, Johnson & Johnson, and American Express, but also network with young forward thinkers all over the world who are creating incredible innovative companies in multiple sectors (link to full list here: http://tech.co/top-50-student-startups-kairos-society-2013-02

Above all else, this company helped reinvigorate my thirst for being an entrepreneur and pushing Big Fish Presentations even further with creative services. While I can’t write and describe fully the summit’s life changing experience through this letter, I am more than happy to share three things the Kairos Global Summit reminded me of an entrepreneur.

1) Share the love of success

– One of the mentors at the summit mentioned we were the first students from Louisiana to attend the conference. While this is a very big honor, it also made me think about the dozens of student entrepreneurs in Louisiana that could have had the same opportunities that we have had. This event made me realize that I need to share this experience with other students in my state and give the same opportunity that was shared to me with them. By doing so, it’ll create more opportunities for our state to grow and impact lives.

 2) Create bonds not connections

– Rather than just create “connections” for business, step out and create “bonds” with the people you meet. What I mean by that is don’t just think of talking to people as a means of getting something out of them. Talk to people, because you feel confident that the other person might know something that can change your perspective on life, love, or business. Life is short, and the people you meet will change and open the way you see and run your business.

3) Don’t stop learning

– This conference introduced to me to 3d printing and how it can affect the services we have at Big Fish Presentations. By seeing trends of what’s coming in new industries, you can best prepare how to pivot or add services to better take over your target market. If you stop learning, you’ll stop moving forward.

Now, I have had the honor of winning some personal awards in my career at Big Fish Presentations, but nothing meant more to myself than this weekend when the company was honored twice for their TEAM accomplishments. While winning achieving individual awards is nice, winning team awards is a great way to measure how the company’s innovation and culture has grown.

This being Big Fish’s anniversary month, I’m proud to say we’ve come quite a way and can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next.

– Kenny

http://tech.co/top-50-student-startups-kairos-society-2013-0228150522_JLms6t photo IMG_6392  IMG_6409 IMG_6419




  1. Karla King says:

    This is so exciting! Thanks for the vision and leadership in our community.

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