Big Fish Review: The Leap Motion

The Big Fish team is continually searching for new trends in design and technology. We recently discovered the Leap Motion, a tiny device that’s smaller than a computer mouse. Its setup is simple and easy, even for those who aren’t tech savvy. Just plug it into your computer, download its accompanying software, and watch it work its magic. Wave your hands over the Leap to see your computer come to life instantly, without touching anything. The Leap picks up every movement, from the flick of your wrist to the twitch of your fingers. This impressive technology is the first of its kind, and the Big Fish team couldn’t wait to get our hands on it – not so literally – when it came out last week. We spent some time downloading apps from their app store, Airspace, to get the full effect of the Leap Motion. Here’s a list of our favorite so far:

1. Touchless for Mac/Windows

This is the basic app you need to easily navigate through your computer. You can browse the web, control menu items, and use applications fluidly. Interact with your computer just as you would with a mouse, but without touching anything.

2. Better Touch Tool

With this app, you can configure gestures to do anything on your Mac. You can create shortcuts to make navigating your Mac with the Leap Motion easier than ever. Use the global gestures or make up your own for your specific needs. We think this is one of the most effective and helpful apps on Airspace – plus it’s free! It works best when used with Touchless for Mac as a pointer, and the Better Touch Tool for shortcuts.

3. AirPoint

Airpoint is specifically for Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple KeyNote applications. You can draw, laser point, swipe between slides, and much more. Giving a presentation will be easier than ever when you don’t have to use a clicker or stand at a podium. Although this app needs some work as far as execution, the idea is one that we love and know could impress any audience.

4. NYTimes for Leap Motion

Scroll through up-to-date news articles from The New York Times with ease. The New York Times is the only news source available right now through Leap Motion, which obviously makes it the prime distributor for quality news information.

5. Google Earth

This is actually an application that you download to your computer, not Airspace, but it’s worth it. Soaring through Earth just by moving your hand makes for a pretty amazing virtual experience. Zooming in and out of different locations gives you the ability to see an endless amount of cities and landscapes. Think – “The world is at your fingertips.”

6. Deco Sketch

Create impressive geometric images with this photo editor. You can use unique filters and brushes to produce works of art. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, a little time spent with Decosketch can make some pretty incredible masterpieces. Don’t get frustrated, because it takes a while to learn the entire app and the ins-and-outs of all you can do, but it’s worth it. You’ll be feeling like an artist in no time.

The Leap Motion definitely has some glitches that will need to be worked out, but regarding innovation, this thing is spot-on. The technology will only continue to improve and get easier to use. The possibilities of new ways to present are endless with the Leap Motion, and it gives us an awesome glimpse into what the future of presentations will be like. The Big Fish team is looking forward to incorporating the Leap Motion in our presentations, and we are working to find ways the Leap Motion could benefit you, too.

Have you tried the Leap Motion yet? What are your thoughts? Write us a comment below, and remember to subscribe to the Big Fish blog for more presentation updates.


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