Recap: The Art of Storytelling + 10 Key Takeaways


UntitledLast Wednesday, we had a wonderful time moderating a webinar called The Art of Storytelling with our friends Dave Kerpen of Likeable Local and Brittany Hodak of Zinepak  at General Assembly. Our goal was to share tips on the fundamentals of storytelling, how those fundamentals apply in our digital world today, and what it means for our future.

The webinar was a hit on Twitter and we received many emails asking us to share the video.  So for those that want to relive the moment (or for those who couldn’t make it), here is the video. We’ve also included some of our favorite takeaways viewers tweeted about how to best utilize storytelling in your brand below.

  • “The biggest takeaway, when it comes to storytelling, is to always evoke emotion, have a call to action, and tell the story you want to hear.” Dave Kerpen, Kenny Nguyen, Brittany Hodak (@bigfishpresco)
  • “When you use a hash tag, you’re inviting your audience into a conversation, so don’t use too many of them.” Brittany Hodak (@bigfishpresco)
  • “When people use to think of video, they pictured fully produced commercials. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.” Dave Kerpen (@alicia_palmieri)
  • “So how do you tell a story like a giant, if you’re only the little guy? Well… Social media.” Dave Kerpen (@bigfishpresco)
  • “To share a story or not? Sometimes it’s all in the headline – but the article still needs to deliver that promise.” Erin Hynes (@erinhynes)
  • “The headline is crucial in how shareable a story is.” Dave Kerpen (@likeablelocal)
  • “If I can’t relate a story to a person, I don’t tell it.” Kenny Nguyen (@bigfishpresco)
  • “Every single business, big or small, has a story to tell.” Dave Kerpen (@bigfishpresco)
  • “Everyone is creative.” Brittany Hodak (@erinhynes)
  • “Shareability is the true test of a great story” Alicia Palmieri (@alicia_palmieri)

At the end of the show, we mentioned that you can now check out our Slideshare The Ten Commandments of Public Speaking. You can find that Slideshare here and Dave’s mentioned ebook of Ten Commandments of Content Creation here.

Thanks for watching and please let us know if there’s any other storytelling tips or meaningful takeaways we missed from the webinar  in the comments below!

PS: Extra credit, pre-order our book The Big Fish Experience here and find out our formula on creating stories!

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  1. I loved your webinar about storytelling. I watched the entire video. Great info and conversation. Can you please send me your Big Fish Experience book and I will write a book review about it. Do you have it in digital format?
    Joann Schissel

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