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We wanted to announce that our CEO, Kenny Nguyen, is now doing portions of his ‘The Big Fish Experience’ presentation workshops online at Savvy. For those unfamiliar with Savvy, it’s an online platform to help people get one-on-one personal lessons with teachers across the world. Recently, Savvy reached out to us to develop presentation courses.

Obviously, we obliged.

Based on our most requested topics, we created three distinct courses. These three courses help any presenter become better in the classical presentation skills of mastering content and delivery, as well as how to market themselves.


Below are the summaries of the three courses:

Session One: Writing Presentation Content That Moves People

Our belief is content + design + delivery = the perfect presentation experience. Based on our book, The Big Fish Experience, this session will focus on the first part of the presentation process: creating engaging content. By helping individuals and teams identify key content practices, we ensure they create tailored habits to help them succeed through any presentation.

Our consultation specialties include: 

  • Determining who your audience is
  • Explaining how to develop big ideas (your presentation’s central argument)
  • Creating powerful call to actions
  • Structuring presentations to help content flow simplistically and memorably
  • Identifying best ways to open and end a presentation
  • Making any topic interesting
  • Creating enticing presentation titles
  • Developing activities for presentations
  • Identifying when specific content needs slides
  • Crafting stories through our process
  • Creating humor
  • Identifying key ‘reveal’ moments in presentations to move audiences

A common activity that teams like to do in this workshop session is identifying your team’s 10 presentation commandments (here’s ours) and the strategies that administer them throughout your organization. This is only available in the 55-minute session, but can be very helpful for teams looking to improve their presentation culture strategy.

Session Two: Developing Your Presentation Delivery Style

For the final part of the Big Fish Presentation experience process (content + design + delivery), we help individuals or teams develop and grow in their own presentation delivery style (here’s some free tips).

Our delivery specialties for presenters include:

  • Developing effective body language to engage and re-engage an audience
  • Mastering proper usage of tone and pauses
  • Understanding your style of presentation preparation
  • Explaining how the best presenters deliver memorable experiences through unconventional methods
  • How to present material in rushed or emergency situations

For some tips on improving your body language, check out our SlideShare: 5 Tips for Good Body Language.


Session Three: Mastering SlideShare to Promote Your Talk

After you deliver your big presentation, what are ways to market it?

We’ve found extraordinary success of sharing our presentations through SlideShare (check out our SlideShare channel). With over 17,000 followers and 750,000 views, we’ve learned how to master SlideShare and want others to learn how to best utilize it.

Our specialties include:

  • How to write SlideShare content that is easily read and shared
  • Titling presentations to increase likelihood of getting clicked
  • Identifying what topics are trending and when to post them
  • How to market SlideShare presentations strategically

If you’d like more reasons to learn why to use SlideShare, please check out our SlideShare Handbook (conveniently on SlideShare).

If any of these sessions are interesting to you, head over to Savvy and check them out. Also, if you’d like to improve your next big presentation, or have the desire to be a better presenter, let us help! As promised in the headline, if you email us, reference this blog, and we’ll send you a discount code as our thanks for reading.

As always, we appreciate you keeping up with all the fun things we have going on at Big Fish Presentations and our parent company, ThreeSixtyEight. If you ever need any help on your next presentation or have any questions, comments, or suggestions on what topics you would like us to add to our Savvy page, let us know. We always love hearing from our fans!


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