Jon Youshaei Gives a ***Flawless Speech About Beyonce

Hold Up now, because we’re getting in Formation to talk about this Irreplaceable keynote by Jon Youshaei.

(Okay, we’re done with the Beyonce puns.)

We’re living in a crazy world right now. From political unrest to unnerving natural disasters, the past year has rocked our society to the brink and back. But there’s still one shining light that we can all take comfort in – Beyonce and her amazing music.

Jon Youshaei is the Head of Creator Product Marketing at Youtube, speaker at Assembly Required: Masters of the Story, and unashamed Beyonce superfan. He recently talked about Beyonce and her talent of staying ahead of the creative curve in his keynote speech, Beyonce’s Bizarre Secret to Creativity.

In his speech, Jon reveals that many of Beyonce’s most famous dances… aren’t actually hers.

He shows the audience that the dances from songs like Single Ladies, Run the World, and Hold Up are drawn from other artists around the globe. While this fact may shatter the hearts of Beyonce fans everywhere, Youshaei gently explains that this isn’t necessarily a problem.

Beyonce is just one of many artists who “copy with taste”. Using YouTube as her research data bank, she tastefully gathers inspiration from every corner of the world, tending to them in her memory bank and cultivating them into her own brand.

This “copy with taste” technique certainly isn’t new. In fact, Youshaei points out that geniuses tend to cluster in the same time or era for a reason. Think of Plato, Socrates, and Pericles or Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, and Donatello. Virality is a natural byproduct of inspiration, so when great artists are gathered together, borrowing is bound to occur.

Like Plato, Michaelangelo, and even Shakespeare, Beyonce is just one example of an artist drawing inspiration from those around them. As Youshaei puts it, innovation occurs after adaptation and elevation of what we see around us.

And herein lies the beauty of this keynote speech.

The message of this speech is simple: use your resources to elevate your art. But, Youshaei uses such a unique and universally relatable topic – Beyonce – to voice this message. He hooks his audience by name-dropping Beyonce, then elaborates with humor and stage presence until the final point of inspiration.

Just as Beyonce uses other artists to elevate and adapt her own art, so does Youshaei. In this speech, he uses Beyonce’s own creative process as a platform to elevate his own inspirational message.

Youshaei certainly proved his amazing skills as an orator and marketer. With a little help from Beyonce, he crafted a captivating and compelling keynote with a strong final message: be better.

“If Beyonce is the Beyonce of her time, who will be the you of your time?”

We’re so excited to hear from Jon Youshaei at Assembly Required: Masters of the Story on November 10!

At this event, he’ll be speaking about how things go viral. With his experience as Youtube’s Creator Product Marketing and his extensive knowledge on Beyonce, we know this speech will leave us Crazy in Love with Youshaei. (We couldn’t resist one last pun!)

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