Book Review: “Newsjacking” by David Meerman Scott


Here at Big Fish Presentations, we’ve adopted a new philosophy.

We’ve researched various ways to be heard as a credible source in our specific field (presentations), and we have found a method that combines public relations with real-time outlets.  

In any presentation, if you make a statement that no one has heard before, you become the credible source.  By providing the first insight into an event or a concept, you have opened doors for your content.  People will mention your take on the issue, quote your words and even write entire articles about your original content.  

Great presentations are an effective way to release this content because your audience’s reception is crucial.  If your viewers like the way they are being presented with information, they will spread it.  This means success for your marketing campaign and/or the general perception of your company.

So, how do you get this chance to say something new, to be on the front lines of your particular field?  The answer can come from many places, one of which is newsjacking .  Although it’s mostly hidden in the media, newsjacking is super effective and can make the difference between getting noticed and being left in the dust. 

One of our clients,  David Meerman Scott ’s “ Newsjacking ” explores a unique concept: the art of stealing publicity. Scott has published many books, including ” The New Rules of Marketing & PR ,” ” Real-Time Marketing & PR ” and ” Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead .”

Scott examines the current public relations model and then revises it.  The result is a fresh approach to the art of being taken seriously in your industry.  You become a valuable resource once you have newsjacked, and people always return for more.  

At Big Fish Presentations, we believe presentations are a key component in newsjacking.  The timely release of a well-done presentation can improve a newsjack because it lends credibility to the speaker.  A confident speaker presenting a sleek design with relevant, valuable information allows for optimal newsjacking.

Scott has written the manual on newsjacking.  At only 76 pages, this text is short and sweet, but packed with interesting and very useful information.  The case studies provide an easy way of translating Scott’s concepts into “real-life” scenarios.  From Rick Perry to Paris Hilton to Larry Flynt, Scott breaks down how each newsjack went down and the results that followed.

So, how do you “newsjack” something or someone?  

Well, I can’t reveal too much because you’ve got to read it for yourself, but the basic premise involves being on the brink of breaking news and sharing it with journalists.  When the press scrambles for the details and your information pops up, they now see you as a credible source.  This brings traffic to your blog, website, etc. 

However, the key element in newsjacking is timeliness.

Scott writes, “Newsjacking is powerful, but only when executed in real time.”  The quick actions require prior knowledge and planned tactics.  You’ve got to have an angle at the ready.  

Hone your skills before attempting the feat.  The name of the game is speed, but if you aren’t prepared beforehand, your newsjack could misfire. 

This book is essential for any and all marketers and PR practitioners, but it is valuable for anyone.  As Scott says, “literally anyone can newsjack.”  

We intend to newsjack.  Our expertise needs to be heard, and newsjacking via presentations provides an avenue for the exposure and education of our niche.  In the future, we think it’s appropriate to post not only presentation-related information, but also market strategies and techniques; these topics are relevant to our industry the same way that newsjacking is.

Go pick up a copy.  It’ll be worth your time.

Happy newsjacking!


– “Newsjacking” by David Meerman Scott



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