Special Thanks to the Baton Rouge Zoo for the Amazing Hospitality:


Today’s post is a recap of yesterday’s team retreat at the Zoo:

My graphic designer Corey recently asked me when can we go out more than ten miles as a team, and it got me thinking. I was already going to see the Baton Rouge Zoo on possibly doing some work together, and I thought,”Why don’t we just all go together?” Maybe we can all share our creativity and perhaps bond on this trip. So I let Phil Frost the director of the Baton Rouge Zoo know of my idea, and he was very receptive. I had no idea what he had in store for us though.

When we arrived Monday morning, Phil and his team members Mary Woods and Sam Winslow blew away expectations by giving us a VIP tour of the zoo before even speaking about work. Which was smart because we learned quite a bit about the history behind the zoo and the animals. He even let us go behind the giraffe exhibit to feed them. Definitely crossed “going behind an animal exhibit” off my bucket list.

On a research level, I never knew the impact it has on wildlife preservation. For example, did you know the Baton Rouge Zoo participates in 30 species survival plans for critically endangered species such as the Black Rhino? We’re talking about incredible animals here.

Needless to say we had an amazing time, and I would highly recommend going to visit the Baton Rouge zoo with your family or even company team as it’s a great place to get out, relax, and think of new ideas. If you’re ever considering donations for a great program, this is definitely one to take a look at.

We’re currently chalking up ideas on how to play our part and can’t wait to share!

Till next time,

Kenny Nguyen, CEO/Founder Big Fish Presentations

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