Download our latest white-paper – Seven Ways to Rock Your Next Presentation

[Update 7/26: Some people say that the link isn’t working for them to download the whitepaper. Just email us at hq@localhost and we’ll be happy to shoot it your way.]

Kenny here. Today, I’d like to give our loyal blog followers, a nice little present from the Big Fish Presentations team.

You can now download our newest white-paper Seven Ways to Rock Your Next Presentation by clicking on the picture above or clicking the link here. It’s our first white-paper, and I personally am rather proud of it. But that doesn’t mean you should hold back on your thoughts. Feel free to leave us any comments, thoughts and opinions, as we’ll be looking to update this whitepaper within the next couple of months.

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Happy presenting!

– Kenny Nguyen, Big Fish Presentations

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  1. Hi I have tried to access the link but it is not working, am I the only one with this problem?

  2. Donn King says:

    The technical problem is a simple one. When you click the link, it inserts the following in your browser:


    You might notice that “http” appears twice, and the second time it has no “:” in it. You just need to get your Webmaster to remove “http//” from the link, and it will work right. Those who follow the link in the meantime only need to edit the URL that appears in their browser’s web address window to either add a colon in the right place, or remove “http//” at the beginning of the address.

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