Our Presentation Philosophy

We are in the business of creating experiences.

Clients come to us because they need a better way to share their ideas. They’re looking for a way to create a memorable platform in which to showcase their product, service or cause. They know their material front and back. They’re simply trying to enhance their audiences’ perceptions of the information.

In short, they come to us because they want us to tell a story, their story.

We encounter all kinds of clients in different industries, from healthcare to entertainment to education. Even though their purposes are varied, they have one thing in common: they have a living, breathing audience whose attention they want to capture. Whether it is a sales, informational, or event presentation or a commercial video, every company has to find a way to tell their story to their consumers.

Obviously, the need for presentations is a common one or we would be out of business. We found this niche because this particular customer pain is a prominent issue in almost any market.

Some people aren’t aware what we do because it is such a specific skill. It is nowhere near commonplace to have a company that specializes in creating and teaching the science of presentations, yet with over 30 million presentations given daily, one would think this would be a booming market.

So, why do presentations really matter?

Presentations act as voices for companies. Literally. Besides basic branding and advertising, presentations serve as a golden opportunity to showcase your ideals, while using your personality to engage an audience in real time. It’s very rare for companies to be able to stand in front of their audiences, face-to-face, and share with them their ideas. Presentations are a personal way to connect your brand with your audience.

At the most basic level, we all need presentation skills. Being able to publicly speak and communicate effectively is a skill that can and must be taught for almost any career. Expressing ideas is at the core of us. Without ideas, we would be stagnant. Without ideas, the world would never grow and we would never expand in our knowledge. Essentially, our ideas lead to innovation, which leads to change in many facets of human life. If we use this mindset, we can say that it is our duty to learn the art of the presentation so that we may change the world.



  1. It’s been really fun to watch this company grow over the last year. This is extremely important:

    “Presentations act as voices for companies.”

    In a world where barriers to entry are down and startups can compete with large corporations, story telling and connecting with audiences becomes more important. Good luck in continuing to grow Big Fish.

    • Kenny Nguyen says:

      Thanks for the support, Ryan. We definitely agree that stories can be powerful tools in the business world. We plan on continuing our growth. Keep an eye out for big things coming!

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