Big Fish Goes to TEDxLSU

Two weeks ago Louisiana State University hosted their first TEDx event, Big Fish Presentations is proud to say that two of our employees, Kristen Hinton and Kenny Nguyen, are now official TEDx speakers! We interviewed both of them to get the deetes on the event and their speeches.

Kristen Hinton spoke on behalf of a team of 8 students called Create Lab. As a component of LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communications’ Digital Media Initiative, Create Lab finds digital solutions for real clients. Hinton presented their solution for newspapers, Watson. Watson is a crowd sourced platform and application for citizen journalists and professional journalists.

Kenny Nguyen delivered a compelling speech on the power of saying NO. Armed with a sword and shield, his speech impressed and motivated the audience.

TEDxLSU 2014??? Stay tuned to find out. Thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe to our blog and Youtube channel.



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