5 TED Talks That Will Blow Your Mind


In a follow up to our previous TEDxLSU post, we took another look at the popular TED Talks series. In this post we’ll show you 5 TED Talks that we think will “blow your mind!” The TED Talks series is such a good example for demonstrating the power of presentation. Each one of the speakers in these 5 videos does a great job of using some of the presentation tips that we’ve mentioned in previous posts, as well as others, to make their presentations worth remembering. But one thing all of these videos have in common is that they all tell a great story. Take a look and you may find inspiration for your next speech or presentation. Hope you enjoy!

1. “Black: My Journey to Yo-Yo Mastery”

In this first presentation, the speaker, Black, tells his personal story of how he realized his passion for mastering the yo-yo and what it allowed him to realize about other aspects of his life.

2. “Sergey Brin: Why Google Glass?”

In this second clip, Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin discusses his personal vision and inspiration behind the new “Google Glass” project.

3. “John Legend: True Colors”

In this video, award-winning musician John Legend delivers his unique and uplifting rendition of the song “True Colors”, giving new meaning to the lyrics.

4. “ShaoLan: Learn to Read Chinese…With Ease”

In this fourth clip, the speaker, ShaoLan, gives a lighthearted and informative presentation on how to read and understand basic Chinese characters.

5. “Marco Tempest: A Magical Tale with Augmented Reality”

And lastly, in this truly unique presentation, speaker Marco Tempest demonstrates the spectacle of magic using an augmented reality device.

The clips shown in this post are only a few examples of great presentations given in the TED Talks series. These speakers did a great job of telling their unique stories in a way that made their presentations memorable. We hope you enjoyed watching these videos, and who knows, maybe you even learned a thing or two to use in your next presentation. Remember to check back for more posts and videos to come.


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