How to be the Coolest Person at Your Funeral

After attending more than five funerals in the past two years, Kenny asked himself: How can I craft a life story that others would love to tell? Though the past two years had been one of the roughest times of his life, it was also the most eye opening. When he got the opportunity to speak at Hubspot’s Inbound 2015, Kenny decided to take what he learned through his grief and use it to honor the loved ones he lost and continue their legacy in the community. Though he normally sticks to speeches about presentations, he felt a duty to share what he learned through his experiences.

Below is his speech, “How to be the Coolest Person at Your Funeral”

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  1. Matt Starcher says:

    Kenny thank you for a inspiring, entertaining simple talk. “How to be the coolest person at your funeral”. Knowing the difference between work and what is meaningful work. Another of my favorite Maya quotes is this “Sometimes the people whom you’ve known for only a short amount of time have a bigger impact on your life then those that weve known forever. Keep inspiring and keep making a difference

    • Big Fish Presentations says:

      Thank you Matt! Glad we could inspire you! We’re always here if you need some, but it’s fans like you who truly inspire us… So thank you!

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