The Big Fish Experience presented at Talks@Google

In March, Kenny and Gus had the honor of speaking about Big Fish Presentations’ new book The Big Fish Experience at Google NYC. Google finally released the video to the public, and our team would like to share it with you.

[If you can’t see the above video, please follow the link here.]


Warning! Spoilers of key points mentioned throughout the video:

  • Engaging Content + Simplistic Design + Powerful Delivery = Presentation Experience
  • Great presentation content requires structure, a call to action, and a big idea. Learn how to do this in detail here.
  • Create and present slides that are SMU: simple (require the presenter to deliver), memorable (build up suspense in your presentation), and understandable (easy to read). See a sample section from our book on SMU slide design.
  • Smiling, eye contact, open posture, hand gestures and fluid movements are key in delivering a message effectively. Learn more about these body language tips in our Slideshare.
  • Find your own unique ritual to rehearse your presentation. Only then can you be the best presenter version of yourself and not somebody else. Find more rehearsal tips on our blog.

We hope you enjoy the talk. If you want to know more about our process of turning presentations into experiences, get free sample chapters and order your copy of The Big Fish Experience here.

Feel free to leave any questions that you wished you could have asked during the talk in the comments below or email us at We always love feedback and are happy to help.

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