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Continuing our Christmas Gifts to our readers, we offer the next post in our The Essentials series. For the second part of this series, we are featuring design resources that anyone (those who aren’t designers by nature) can use.

If you are planning a slideshow presentation and would like to include photography/illustrations in your slide decks, here are three sites we recommend for design information, and five web resources for free and paid photography and graphics.

  1. What Makes a Good Slide – A sample section of our book that details our favorite tips in making good slides.
  2. 4 Ways Design Can Make Your Content Shine – Our Slideshare on what makes good slides vs. what doesn’t.
  3. 5 Key Principles of Using Photography in your Presentations – Not all photos are usable for presentations. This quick Slideshare will help you with your search on what photos work the best on stage.
  4. iStock and Shutterstock – Both sites are paid resources for images, but both contain a great variety of royalty-free photos.
  5. PlaceIT– Quickly place screenshots of photos into Apple products. Perfect for featuring screens of your technology on different devices.
  6. The Stocks– A website that is a compilation of free stock websites.
  7. The Noun Project– A website for free & paid icons and graphics.

Like photos, not all fonts are created the same. Some are better than others for presentations. Included below is a list of websites with free and purchasable fonts.

  • 5 Reasons Why Typography is Powerful – This is our Slideshare on why Typography matters in presentations. Use this to help you find the perfect font for your presentation!
  • Font Squirrel: This websites contains links for free designer fonts.
  • Lost Type – A collection of available for purchase designer fonts. We use this resource regularly at Big Fish.
  • Fonts in Use – Inspiration on how popular fonts are being used today.

We hope the above lists help you with your presentation design goals. Subscribe to our blog today and stay tuned for our next topic in The Essentials – Presentation Programs for the Everyday Presenter.big-fish-book-bow

If you ever need more guidance beyond these resources above, we are always happy to help you find what you need at Big Fish Presentations. Email us at hq@localhost and we’ll chat specifically on what you’re looking for.

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Got a presentation resource that you love using? Please let us know your favorites in the comments below.

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