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The Essentials

The Presentation Programs for the Everyday Presenter


For our final Christmas Gift to our readers, we offer the next post in our The Essentials series. We are featuring presentation program resources that bring your design to life.

If you don’t have time to scour websites for photos and fonts, here are easy design programs + companies that can help you create presentations quickly. No massive learning curve required.

  1. 4 Tools that aren’t PowerPoint – If you are interested in going outside a typical PowerPoint, here is an informational Slideshare that we created that covers some of our other favorite presentation tools.
  2. Haiku Deck – A free online editor that can help non-designers create easy slide decks on the go. The program also features recommended ways to display your content and access to royalty-free photography that matches the nature of your content.
  3. Canva – An easy online image editor that contains gorgeous template slides that can be used for high quality presentations. Also contains suggested content + font layouts.
  4. Piktochart – An online program that can help you easily create infographics.
  5. Note and Point – For inspiration, this is a collection of some of the best designed presentations in PowerPoint and Keynote
  6. Visual.Ly – If you have a small budget, you can use this company to access a crowd-sourced community of designers.
  7. Sketchdeck – Similar to above, a company to access a crowd-sourced community of free lance designers. Great for rush projects.

We hope the above list helps you with your presentation visual goals. Subscribe to our blog today and stay tuned for more presentation tips that can help you inspire that next audience.big-fish-book-bow

If you ever need more guidance beyond these resources above, we are always happy to help you find what you need at Big Fish Presentations. Email us at hq@localhost and we’ll chat specifically on what you’re looking for.

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Got a presentation resource that you love using? Please let us know your favorites in the comments below.

Our book, The Big Fish Experience, makes a great gift. Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and McGraw Hill.

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