STANCE // Chris Stoikos

Chris Stoikos is a bearded marketing mastermind you you will recognize immediately. An expert on growth, Chris has an expanding and enlightening viral brand, beard, and philosophy on life. This interview sheds even more light on his creative process and what keeps him motivated, and we’re excited to share it with you!

Chris Stoikos is a serial entrepreneur and chief executive officer of Dollar Beard Club.… Continue Reading →

STANCE // Maria Del Russo

Maria Del Russo is an outspoken advocate for women, a lively Twitter personality, and a journalist with a captive audience. If you’re like us, you can here because you wanted to know how she presents herself when she’s not in the spotlight. In this volume of STANCE, we asked Maria what she’s up to when she’s not penning commentary and where she is coming from.… Continue Reading →

STANCE // Shama Hyder

Shama Hyder has spoken on stages across the world and has been named among the nations top entrepreneurs. Today, she’ll step off the stage and give us a glimpse into the mind of the “millennial master.”

She is a visionary strategist for the digital age, a web and TV personality, a bestselling author, and the award-winning CEO of The Marketing Zen Group – a global marketing firm.… Continue Reading →

STANCE // Neil Patel

The myth, the legend, the man with a headshot in his pajamas: let us introduce you to Neil Patel. You’ve heard him speak on business growth, social, and web traffic, but we’re here to talk about where he stands.

Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics. He helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue.… Continue Reading →

STANCE // Ryan Holiday

In the inaugural volume of STANCE: An Interview Series, we are honored to have interviewed Ryan Holiday.

Ryan Holiday is a strategist and writer. He dropped out of college at nineteen to apprentice under Robert Greene, author of The 48 Laws of Power, and later served as the director of marketing for American Apparel. His company, Brass Check, has advised clients like Google, TASER, and Complex, as well as many prominent bestselling authors.Continue Reading →

11 Rookie Mistakes Presenters Make

Can you spot a first-time presenter a mile away? If not, you might be presenting like one. Need to bring your presentation game up a level? Or simply trying to not look like a noob at your next meeting? Read on to get out of the “rookie” zone and into presentation mastery. Eliminate the following mistakes, and you’ll be well on your way.… Continue Reading →

TED Talk of the Week: Chancelier “Xero” Skidmore

Big Fish Presentations prides itself on the cultivation of excellent presentations. In order to achieve excellence, we must strive to grow and learn every day. One way to do that is to study great speakers around us.
TED Talk of the Week is a series that allows us to explore strengths found in speeches covering a number of topics.
We listen, we learn, we grow.
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Jon Youshaei Gives a ***Flawless Speech About Beyonce

Hold Up now, because we’re getting in Formation to talk about this Irreplaceable keynote by Jon Youshaei.

(Okay, we’re done with the Beyonce puns.)

We’re living in a crazy world right now. From political unrest to unnerving natural disasters, the past year has rocked our society to the brink and back. But there’s still one shining light that we can all take comfort in – Beyonce and her amazing music.… Continue Reading →

TED Talk of the Week: Chetan Bhatt

The Speaker

Chetan Bhatt is a sociologist, professor, and human rights activist. He teaches at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he leads LSE Human Rights. His concentrations include nationalism, religious extremism and violence, social theory, and terrorism studies.

The Topic

“Chetan Bhatt: Dare to refuse the origin myths that claim who you are.”

In today’s society, there’s an extraordinary emphasis on knowing where exactly you’re “from.”… Continue Reading →

Toastmasters International World Champion of Public Speaking: Manoj Vasudevan

On August 26, Manoj Vasudevan became the 2017 Toastmasters International World Champion of Public Speaking with his speech “Pull Less, Bend More“. In it, he tells a captivating story of how he overcame marital issues with sage advice from his mother. With metaphors, imagery, and real-world lessons, this simple seven-minute speech is truly enchanting.

At a Glance:

The Speaker
Manoj Vasudevan is a world-renowned leadership coach and management consultant who has worked with many major multinational companies in Asia, Australia, North America, and Europe.… Continue Reading →

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