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4 Presentation Tips to Win Any Audience

A lot of clients come to us to not only design their presentations, but also to write them. While we handle content matter from multiple industries, we notice there are some classic similarities when it comes to delivering a convincing presentation.

And while we know it’s not an easy task to captivate someone willingly giving up their time and money, there are characteristics we’ve found to help you win over any audience and land (most) big deals:

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Tell Stories.Continue Reading →

How to Give Presentations That Close Deals

In the world of sales, presentations are everything—giving a good pitch is essential to winning over your customers and convincing them to purchase your product. At Big Fish Presentations, I have the great opportunity to help clients close large deals and secure investments by improving their sales presentations. When it comes to helping our clients deliver better presentations, I have to prove to them we know what we’re talking about by giving our own unique sales presentation.… Continue Reading →

How to Pitch Your Startup by Blake Menefee of Dell


At Big Fish, we hold the subject of entrepreneurship very dearly. As small businesses certainly drive the future of our economy, there’s just a certain special feeling we get when we help a small company successfully pitch to an investor or large client. There’s a certain magic that needs to be applied to startup pitches. It takes real research, focus, and strategy to make that first big sale.… Continue Reading →

4 Ways Design Can Make Your Content Shine


At BFP, we believe that great content must be accompanied by great design in order to deliver an all-around memorable experience. Our motto is, “Content is King, and Design is its Queen.” Below are some examples of before & after slides that deliver powerful content in two different ways. We’ve done this to show that design can allow the audience to better experience content when they’re ingesting material with clean design.… Continue Reading →

5 TED Talks That Will Blow Your Mind


In a follow up to our previous TEDxLSU post, we took another look at the popular TED Talks series. In this post we’ll show you 5 TED Talks that we think will “blow your mind!” The TED Talks series is such a good example for demonstrating the power of presentation. Each one of the speakers in these 5 videos does a great job of using some of the presentation tips that we’ve mentioned in previous posts, as well as others, to make their presentations worth remembering.… Continue Reading →

Do a Little Dance, Make a Big Point

What is the most creative presentation you’ve seen?

I’m going to take a wild guess and assume that it wasn’t a PowerPoint slideshow.

The truth is that most presentations aren’t exciting or entertaining. They consist of a series of images and text, conveying a message in a very straightforward way. We’ve experienced these presentations many times in our lives. We know they aren’t what they could be, and we know they’re fixable, but a lot of people have problems with changing their habits.… Continue Reading →

Our Presentation Philosophy

We are in the business of creating experiences.

Clients come to us because they need a better way to share their ideas. They’re looking for a way to create a memorable platform in which to showcase their product, service or cause. They know their material front and back. They’re simply trying to enhance their audiences’ perceptions of the information.

In short, they come to us because they want us to tell a story, their story.… Continue Reading →

Christopher Nolan and Storytelling

“Every film should have its own world, a logic and feel to it that expands beyond the exact image that the audience is seeing.” -Christopher Nolan

As quoted above, Christopher Nolan has come to understand and master the often intangible elements surrounding the creation of a masterpiece.

This is the man that single-handedly sparked the rebirth of the Batman legacy in his Dark Knight Trilogy.… Continue Reading →

Presentation or Video?

Both presentations and videos are great tools for your business, whether they are for marketing, sales or just plain informative. Today, businesses take advantage of both styles in order to maximize their information output, but it takes more thought than you might think in order to decide the correct time to pursue them.

Two different forms of showcasing information. Two different purposes and processes.… Continue Reading →

Presentations & Business: From Message to Millions

So, you’re going to pitch your business, eh? You’ve probably got your standard PowerPoint and a decent speech prepared. You know your potential clients pretty well, and you think you know what they want to hear. That’s all you need right?


If you want to put yourself and your ideas out there, and you’re comfortable in your value proposition, then by all means do your thing.… Continue Reading →

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